Dog Walking

At Paws 4 A Break we believe daily walks for dogs are very important but not every owner can meet their needs every day and we understand this and that’s where our walking service comes in.

We will collect your dogs from your home in an air-conditioned dog van with cages in the rear. All cages are washable and each one as vet bedding provided for your pets comfort We always carry pet first aid kids with us in the van

You will receive a free collection service from your home and return after the walk, a walk that’s suitable for your dog’s needs and time off the lead if you give consent.

Your dog will be towelled down at home and given fresh water before being left in your preferred place in your home.  We will endeavour to get your dog as clean and dry as possible before we leave but some dogs like being towelled dried more than others so we wont be responsible for any marks still on your dog after we leave .

We will leave a pet log telling you about the walk and photos will be taken on a regular basis. You can choose either the 30 minute or the hour service. Food and medication can be given if requested/supplied.

We walk in all weathers if it is safe to do so. If unsafe to walk we would still go to your home and let your dog out in the garden and spend time with them.

We don’t walk bitches in season or dogs that are unwell.

Group walks

Group walking has many benefits. It is good for socialisation and learning recall, dogs tend to follow each other when in a pack so if you recall one they will usually all return.

A group walk with Paws 4 A Break will tire them out mentally as well as physically as they will be playing and sniffing out their surroundings as well as walking. We do encourage small group walks no more than 4 at a time in a safe environment.

All dogs must be dog friendly and if you want them to have time off lead they must have a good recall.  They will be returned home tired out and happy to sleep or settle until you return.

A good walk can tire and calm an over excitable high energy dog, which could save your home from destruction caused by boredom and if your dog as expelled his energy can lead to better training after.

Solo dog walks

For elderly or un-socialised dogs or just that you prefer your dog to be walked alone. Whatever the reason we can discuss this at the consultation and determine the reasons and offer you a one to one service that means we can look after your dog’s needs.

Paws 4 a Breaks Solo service allow us to be able to tailor your dog’s needs to the walk. Solo walks will allow your dog to go at his own pace which is great for the less mobile, they will receive all our attention and allow us time to do some basic training with your dog if needed.

We can offer weekend, early morning or evening walks. We can have a regular schedule with you or just on an adhoc basis if you ever need us.

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