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Our property is our home, which your dogs will enjoy with us on their stay. It’s a 3 bedroom end terrace with an extra plot of land at the side to give plenty of room for all our guests to come out and play with us. It’s fully enclosed by concrete walls and 6 foot high locked gates.
We also have an outer building in the garden which we use both as a Mancave and somewhere to go and play training games with the dogs during bad weather.
Our home is made safe by having fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, safety gates, carbon monoxide testers and all medicines and dangerous substances are kept away in cupboards with child proof latches on them. We also have first aid kits specifically for animals around the home.
Your dogs are allowed upstairs with us if they are allowed at home and can even sleep on our bed if that’s what they are use to. Dogs are also allowed on our sofas if they are use to going on yours at home All we want is for your pooches to feel safe secure and at home.

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About Us

Hi everyone and welcome to our website.

I’m Amanda Jane (called Jane) and my partners name is Martyn and we are dotty about dogs and cats. We have always had dogs and cats and had lots of experience with nervous dogs through home boarding and walking lots of dogs from the shelters.

We used to live in Turkey and worked a lot with the shelter and street animals there, even fostering a few dogs that were bound for a forever home back in the UK.

Once we returned to the UK it was a natural progression to use our love for animals to start up a business using our passion.

In 2015 after a lot of research and planning Paws 4 A Break was born. Based in South Yorkshire we offer many pet services one being a fun and loving place to leave your dog’s whilst your away on holiday or unfortunately having to stay in hospital or even travelling for work.

Being in a home environment is much less stressful than being left in kennels. Every pet that comes into our care is showered with loads of love and attention and yes, I must say it, spoilt and cherished just like they are at home.

Our sole aim is to keep your pets safe, content and happy whilst you’re not with them and because of  health problems we know stress can cause. We are keen to keep  any separation anxiety to an absolute minimum by sticking  to their same routine as much as possible.   We strive to provide the very best service tailored to suit your dogs needs whilst they are in our care.

They will have the full run of the house and safely enclosed locked garden, they can choose where to sleep whether that be in the kitchen/ living room or in our bedroom, even on the bed if that’s what they are used to.

They will get a chance to socialise and play with other well-behaved dogs of all shapes and sizes, spending the day running around the garden, sleeping on the sofa/ playing with toys and ball games with us, plus plenty of walks in the parks and woods that surround us.

In the evening, they can relax where they like, having cuddles with us whilst we are watching TV.

We feel it is very important to us that owners meet ourselves prior to the stay and our owners have told us that this gives them lots of reassurance knowing who will be looking after their dogs.

We treat every dog as if it’s our own so you can be sure that your pet is in safe hands whether we are dog walking, home boarding pet sitting, cat visits or just having a pop in.

Dogs are our majority of clients but we do look after other pets in your own home such as cats, birds, fish and small mammals.

Paws 4 A Break are fully insured, licensed by DMBC council, licence number LN/201800749 police checked, hold animal first aid certificates, I hold a diploma in dog walking and pet home sitting, a certificate in dog care and I am a ADTB fully approved instructor plus many other qualifications in dog behaviour.

Now, we look after all dogs in our own home ourselves but our aim is to expand and to find dog loving families who would love to help us take care of more dogs with full support from ourselves. These families will be fully vetted by ourselves and must be able to meet all our requirements regarding safety and can give 24-hour care, lots of love and cuddles and enjoy walks out with your guest dog.
They would also be handpicked for reliability trustworthiness and their passion for animals

Please enjoy using our site for further information on all our services, home boarding, pet sitting, house sitting, dog walking, pop in visits or if you would like to know more about being a carer

Give your dog a break!!!

Best regards

Jane and Martyn

Our Mission Statement...
Paws 4 A Break is a full-care dog walking, dog boarding service. We started in 2015 with a single dream in mind – to supply a pet care service where people could be sure that their dogs would be taken care of with the utmost love, patience, companionship and safety. The following year we added cats and small pets to our services and with the addition of a suitable adapted vehicle then added Pet taxi. Taking into consideration the number of dogs and the immense increase of new pet care services all over the UK, the care of any animal can go from being really good to really bad. For us there is only one option, excellence! Dogs are not just dogs. They are an integral part of our lives and our family. Just like our children. No matter how many dogs we care for, whether for thirty minutes or thirty days, we are totally committed to maintaining our specific style of care with every single animal we touch. That is our absolute promise! Paws 4 A Breaks commitment is to provide the healthiest, most nurturing environment for your family member by giving them the same loyalty, dedication, trust, integrity, love, and care that we would show our own pets if we had any, while contributing to the community and promoting animal rights and awareness.

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